Who really wants to be simply the best,
is developing the personality

Optimize your self-efficacy
and persuasiveness with us.


If your organization wants to start today with what delights their customers customers, it must be ready and qualified to do it.

Qualify your employees with us for your next level.


If you who prefer good solutions to smouldering conflicts you will end up reaching your goal faster and healthier.

Learn to reconcile empathy and determination with us.


If you want to lead in a modern way, working together agilely, you will be better able to master the increasing acceleration, achieving reliable results,

Grow with us towards your commercially and interpersonal stable future.

blended learning

You do not have the opportunity for face-to-face learning and still want to develop in your own time and pace, you always step ahead of others.

Take action: scale and schedule your learning with us: online – offline virtual – face to face


If you know how competent, good matching and well you, your employee or your organization is, you always know exactly where there is a need for action.

Recognize your concrete self management and leadership needs and use your resources exactly where they will be really making the difference.

Companies are like organisms:
Each phase of life requires a
specialized support

Managers and employees
are also human:
Every stage of life you can
have a positive influence.

What we offer you
completely individual

“Dear, I am so happy that after our successful introduction of the new management culture in 2012, we have found ourselves again today in such an important innovation project, thanks to your energetic support and advice. I am looking forward to our cooperation!“

HR Global Vice President, Automotive

„We really have so much to thank you for, we wouldn’t have mastered our change so much with you. Thanks to you, we run differently today. We empower rather than drive and only control. It was not always easy, a lot was challenging, but you always helped us and stood by us as a companion. Our organization really grew together and we are economically successful“

Head of Sales, Medical/Pharma

„As a start-up, everyone has somehow done everything with us. But then we grew rapidly and enormously as a company, so that not everyone could do everything anymore. Only by knowing the necessary change steps did we know what we had to do. We had to lead! Specialists had to become managers. We had to ask ourselves questions like: How do we have to lead? Who can lead? who has what potential? The cts.Team questioned, mirrored and reflected on us: together we designed our future. We had our cts.companion on the way there. Today, 3 years on, I can only say that the way was worth it.“


„Fresh, approachable, highly competent! I hope for many years to come with our cts partners in coaching, mediation and change management.“

HRD, Energy

„Thanks for the really intensive coaching. So far it has helped me in many situations and I am sure there will be many more moments when I will think about our coaching. Thank you very much!“

Teamleader, IT

„I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great seminar. I have developed professionally but above all personally. Many thanks to Petra and you, Annette! “

Sales management, Retail

“If I have to describe our trainers and coaches of the leadership program, the following is 100% correct:
Incredibly authentic, approachable, not too close and highly competent!
And dissecting the right point at the right time with a pinprick.
That way I was able to reflect and I have made incredible progress! Thank you very much for that!”

Head of digital Solutions, Retail

In 2019 we were able to be part of the HR Award annual congress and even talk about the award
»HR Excellence Award 2019« You can find the video here.