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You are the center of attention. Every person is unique. Each person pursues a different goal and each goal requires a personal path. We accompany you there with tailor-made tips and strategies. Your idea is the start of something special and your first step is the beginning of your success with measurable results:

Answers to the acceleration and volatile, uncertain, complex VUCA World

Transformation and Disruption – future-oriented ideas for you, your team and your customers

​Successful employees – and a positive Employee Engagement Scoring

​Enthusiastic customers – and a positive net promoter score

Winning corporate culture – with a tangible sense of responsibility

Self-organisation and reflection

​Positive energy – dynamics and convincing results


Experience and know-how counts.
Knowledge becomes more when you share it.

As an employee or manager, you cannot and do not need to know everything about leadership, cooperation and shaping the future. Instead, there are experts who bring new food for thought, up-to-date knowledge and profound experience. The view from the outside and fresh thinking help you to recognize and rethink old patterns of thinking, encrusted processes and less constructive behavior in order to build a new spirit.

During our daily consulting, coaching and development work we experience a lot.

We are constantly mastering new surprises.

We are enthusiastic about what we do and enjoy it..

We are up to date and read about news from the neurosciences, behavioral sciences, education, agile methods, innovation and creativity research.

We deal with studies on the New Way of Working, modern hierarchical leadership, self-directed teams, emotional agility, stereotypes and diversity, resilience and health.

We further develop new methods and concepts.

We have known the field from both perspectives for over 20 years and are involved in shaping it professionally and innovatively.

So can you.

Shape the path to your goals. It’s the mixture that counts. The combination of your insider knowledge, your experience, our expertise, our new way of thinking makes it possible to jointly establish a robust approach for the development of your organization, your team and for yourself.

Your and our passion for better results and stable development in a challenging environment add up. Through the cooperation between you and us, the strengths are increased. For you it becomes maximally creative, individual. At the end is your concrete result.

That is why we rely on co-creation.

Your cts.Team

The members of the come from different industries, functions, positions and roles. They are experienced in working with mixed teams and know the challenges of dealing with different cultures, generations and gender. We work together because we stand behind our topics professionally, because we are convinced that it is worthwhile to make a difference for the better, and because we fit together as human beings. Make your own picture of us.

Annette Mateoi

Managing Partner

Recognize the here and now and your possibilities! Take the first step into your future

My topics for you
Encourage questioning and recognition
Shape the process to your goals
Cultural transformation
Concepts for implementation and support in transfer
Developing your strengths and competences
Mediation and conflict management
Promoting cooperation and team spirit


My Toolbox
More than 20 years of systematic development of experience as systemic consultant, coach, trainer, mediator and supervisor towards the agile approach. Analytically inspiring and supportively goal-oriented. My focus is on the processual and emotional support of teams, organizations and individuals.
Certified Management Trainer and Business Coach

  • Certified INSIGHTS MDI® Master Consultant
  • ASSESS by SCHEELEN® Master Consultant
  • GDP Accreditation
  • certified master of design thinking

Petra Michels

Managing Partner

Bring the future into your present.

My topics for you
Define the new goodness –
you share, you win!
Cultural transformation:
an organization to fall in love with,
Agile work in a classic environment, form your A-Team!
Organizational & System-Design!
Sustainable concepts!


My Toolbox
Experience in leadership, international management. Member of the Board. Degrees as Master in Secondary Education and Master in Global Management. Further training as systemic organizational designer, coach and mediator, diagnostician.
Personal: courage and independence, empathy and provocation.

Andreas Puschnig


Experiences and discoveries in focus –
Deepen insights and make them tangible.

My topics for you
Inspire your team with tangible concepts, feel how it works and how it becomes sustainable!

My Toolbox
Combining organisational development and experiential education and using them for change. Understanding and shaping communication with one another. Optimizing processes in cooperation.

cts network

Lars Heemeier

My topics for you

My Toolbox
Since 2011 businesscoaching & -development, training and moderation with partner-networks
Teacher for business communication, soft skills and salesmanagement, University Fresenius and Middle of Germany
Director of Operations, Management Consultant, Key Account Management & International Controlling

Karin van Tol

The sky is not the limit –
Your mind is.

My topics for you
Cultural transformation and Change,
Leadership and Team Development Programs, Potential analysis, assessment centers,
360-degree feedback analytics
moderation of large group events and
Strategy Workshops

My Toolbox
Since 2019 self employed as Business Coach, Consultant, Moderator, Trainer und Mediator in the area of Team, Organization and Leadership Development. Over 25 years professional experience in an international matrix environment in the Medical, Automotive and Energy industry. Train the Trainer certification, Insights feedback & training certification and accreditation, Lominger 360 feedback certification, Coaching Essentials certification, Strategic Talent Manager Qualification, Hogan assessment & feedback certification, Master facilitator Interaction Management Leadership Modules, Certified Business Coach (PCC-level), ICF Accreditation ACTP


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