cts. evaluation

New in our Portfolio: cts. evaluation

Personnel and organizational development helps companies to achieve the performance that turns goals into results. But where is the right place to take action? Where are time and money properly invested for people and organization development? By taking stock of the current situation, measuring success and conducting follow-up surveys to ensure impact, it is possible to constantly monitor and adjust your HR development actions.

Evaluations in human resource development are also known at cts. For years we have been conducting management audits, assessment centers, development centers, strength-weakness profiles, test systems, and 360° feedback evaluations and even more.

But there is much more. With the cts.evaluations-tools you can better analyze and evaluate yourself:

  • Which strengths do you have yourself, how do you fit to the expectations of a company
  • What progress is made in your learning and development process

You can analyze and evaluate the team:

  • Talent Review – strengths and development needs in the team
  • The degree of employee commitment in large and very small teams from 5 people
  • The level of trust in the organization, managers and colleagues

You can analyze and evaluate larger units:

  • The resilience and health of the organization
  • The management behaviour and the satisfaction of the employees with it
  • Cultural characteristics and progress of cultural transformation

In all cases, you get directly usable analyses that give those responsible neutral and concrete indications as to where approaches should and must be taken.