cts. mediation


Open up your ears – professional listening and emphatic comprehension leads to common solutions


Thinking further – Reflection in the change of perspective of all parties


Let’s go – supervised by the cts-consultant and with secured transfer

Mediation and conflict management

Conflicts are usually good intentions that are not appreciated. Conscious listening and empathic understanding leads to common solutions.
The chance for a greater whole

Procedural situations in everyday business life, whose causes are not visible and no longer comprehensible, situations that escalate quickly and do not reveal any option for constructive solutions, require intensive and structured support and procedures. Emotions such as injuries and disappointments or anger are often profound and must be made visible to all parties in reflection and in a change of perspective.

In the mediation of a working group, old, deep-seated injuries were made open, addressed in a concrete and open manner and reconstructed in a constructive cooperation. Understanding for the respective other party was developed and wishes for the other party were formulated. In a further step, agreements on how to deal with each other were formulated and these were supervised by the cts consultant and the transfer was ensured. Business success happened immediately after this approach.