cts. training

Corporate behaviour

fits – performance behavior – corporate behavior


adjusted – reorientation through vision, strategy and action finding


liberated – recognition of systemic blockages in the organisation on the individual level

Training und Organizational Development

As organizational developers with a focus on “performance behavior – corporate behavior – behavioral economics”, we help people in your organization to identify with your goals and reach the next level. This includes further development and qualification in social-communicative skills, in modern working methods such as agile working, scrum and design thinking, in modern leadership empowering, adapting, in a constructive cooperation of different cultures, gender, generations, life plans.

We see ourselves as process-oriented systemic consultants and take a holistic approach both in the diagnosis of an organisation and in the implementation of personnel development measures.

  • Psychologically oriented personnel and management development with a focus on experience, behaviour, attitude, values, motivation and leadership
  • Implementation-oriented leadership development with a focus on leadership of one’s own person: role clarification, reflection of attitudes and values, as well as leadership of others: recognizing and maintaining motivation, delegation, giving modern feedback
  • Guidance for metareflexion: Identifying systemic roadblocks in the organization and on the individual level and offering solutions for dealing with them
  • Extension of the necessary action competences through case discussions and simulations
  • Implementation of teambuilding measures
  • Mediation of moderation skills according to the train the trainer principle
  • Preparing employees and managers for changes, such as modern working methods and cultural transformations
  • Development of reflection and communication skills for adult self-organisation
  • Real-time coaching for people who want to be present in demanding situations