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You have precise topics and are success-driven?

Then you are exactly right with us. Because here we accompany you personally in the further development of your professional career. We support you in developing your social communication and methodical skills and advise you on self-leadership and leadership issues. The three elements that form the foundation for a confident and successful career and personal development.

You have specific questions about your professional life cycle? Here you will find topics that also affect other people in their everyday working lives. Individually, confidentially and personally, you can find out with us what will help you progress quickly and pragmatically. Chat with us or call us without obligation. We talk to you directly and without a call center agent.

Here you will find exemplary questions and challenges for which we can offer you individual answers and personal solutions.

  • You are looking for the start of your professional life, but you do not know exactly what you want or if what you want fits to you?
  • You are new in a role, a team, a project, a company and want to establish yourself quickly and be an active and recognized contributor?
  • You want to convince others of something, but you feel resistance and emerging conflicts? How can you be personable and assertive?
  • Are you leading for the first time and want to grow together with your employees to form a positive, high-performance team? How can you lead in a modern, empowering way and at the same time form an agile team?
  • Do you lead from an overarching responsibility as department, division manager, board member, managing director or owner and want to develop your company into a lively customer-oriented, fast-learning, agile organism? How do you transform people and structures to the next level? How do you manage to rethink and change cultures? How can you measure progress?
  • You have taken care of everything, the company is a learning organization, the teams are agile and self-directed, everything should run smoothly through work out loud and design thinking processes. You have broken down old behavior patterns between genders, generations and cultures, yet there is friction loss, delays or conflicts. How can subtleties be adjusted even better? How can you evaluate where there is still need for action?
  • You want to know exactly and analyze your team / your organization more intensively: an employee engagement survey, a management audit, a 360 ° feedback, an analysis of the management and cooperation culture, or a location assessment on resilience? Which instrument makes sense and how can you find out what you want to know?
  • Do you want to grow with your organization and find the right employees who inspire your customers and new colleagues professionally and personally and generate real added value? What do you win them over? Which employer branding strategy is right for you? How do you choose correctly? How do you safely incorporate them?
  • Do you want to start a development offensive, both with an audit process to determine potential, followed by a sustainable blended learning development concept? Who is where and who needs what?
  • You are where you always wanted to be, but don’t know exactly how to go on? Horizontal? Vertical? Or maybe you just want to take a break? How do you find out what’s next for you? How do you find out more about your strengths and weaknesses, your motivations and your resilience or what really interests you?

We offer you personal and individual advice and solutions. You can chat with us or call us. Together with you we will find out what will help you get ahead. The first chat is without obligation. An expert from our team will accompany you personally right from the start. He or she will call in the colleagues who will bring you added value. You control effort and costs from the first moment. We inform you transparently and precisely. Only then will you receive your personal cts.login access.

combines individually and flexibly

through e-books, webinars and podcasts in the area of cts.login

Collegial Exchange

analogue, personal, confidential, on professional and personal topics, with neutral instruments such as INSIGHTS, INSIGHTS Talent Review, Trimetrix, Assess, MTQ, 360° Feedback, Readniess Check as Outmatch with standard job requirements, evaluation of culture and other individual-, team-, or organizational evaluation systems

Scheduled either as personal face to face format or as e-format via ZOOM, Teams, Skype, Facetime, Phone

for you at work, in your conference calls or for you and your team in real time
or for you and your team in real time

Teaching of directly applicable methodological knowledge, new theories, current know-how on leadership, communication, conflict resolution, agile working, Scrum, Design Thinking, Managing Change, and other topics of the organizational behavior, leadership, culture of collaboration.

Mediation and systematic demand for positive successful cooperation
to manage you and your inner conflicts, two people, teams or a better customer-supplier relation